Professionally Written Expository Essay

To begin with, expository essay writing includes: considering the idea, researching the issue on the topic, giving your explanations, and introducing the arguments.

How to write a good expository essay? Just use our steps!

1. Reveal the purpose.

Try to think of the aims and results you want to achieve in your paper. Analyze all the instructions given to you by the teacher and ask questions if you have any.

2. Determine the audience.

Think who will read your work and, depending on his or her expectations and preferences, write down some aspects you should definitely include.

3. Generate ideas.

Many students writing the expository essay take advantage of such activities as listing, asking questions, free writing, and making groups of useful word combinations. Let’s examine them in detail.
Listing. Write down all the ideas you have and try to make groups of them by combining some similar things. Then try to expand these lists.
Asking questions. Note down the simplest questions like who, why, when, where, and etc. Ask them as extended as you can in order to get the first vision of your future paper.
Making groups of word combinations. While you are completing an expository essay assignment, it’s a good idea to write the subject of your work, then draw lines from it and take notes of sentences and word combinations which refer to the topic and will make sense. Then you can draw some more lines from them to expand your list.
Free writing. Write in a nonstop regime for about 10 minutes. Don’t reread or edit anything. Then highlight things which you consider useful and significant. Repeat this exercise if you want to develop your thoughts on the theme.

4. Compose an outline.

It’s impossible to imagine a written expository essay without an outline – organize your thoughts in it to get a more concrete vision of your paper. It will also help you to understand if you have forgotten to include something essential.

5. Find the sources of information.

It’s better to spend more time on it since a professionally written expository essay is always based on a great amount of read and analyzed books, articles, and so on.

Congrats! This time, you know how to write an expository essay! Good luck!

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